Jawziyyah Vision

The Institute’s vision, aspirations and purpose for being is explained and set out here.

The Jawziyyah Institute aspires to cultivate an Islam that is true to its time-honoured tradition, relevant to its current context, and of benefit to the wider society.

The Institute is committed to two principle objectives. Firstly, it seeks to disseminate sound knowledge of Islam and to raise the overall level of awareness about its teachings and tradition; both among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Secondly, the Institute seeks and welcomes dialogue with other faith groups, academic bodies and think tanks so as to foster mutual understanding and a spirit of respect; desiring to promote the spiritual, ethical and social well-being of society at large.

To these ends, the Institute currently holds classes, hosts seminars and produces scholarly literature (including translations, occasional papers and original researches). It also proposes to set-up workshops, initiate round-table discussions on relevant topics, publish high-quality audio & visual material, and found libraries and charitable endowments that best serve the Institute’s overall vision.

On a more global scale, and for Muslim societies at large, the Institute’s conviction is that Muslims should aspire to live out the devotional life in the presence of justice, compassion and the peaceful co-existence with others.