Meditations on Marriage: Intimacy, Commitment, Spiritual Beauty [Forthcoming]

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Meditations on Marriage: Intimacy, Commitment, Spiritual Beauty [Forthcoming]


  1. the puzzle pieces of the heart, seem to fit, perfectly……like a hand in glove! um, i wait to read this section, on marriage and family, with great anticipation!

  2. ‘The cosmos (Al-Kawn ) is all darkness, it is illuminated only by the manifestation of God (Zuhur-al-Hagg) in it. He that sees only the Cosmos and does not contemplate Him in it or by it or before it or after it, is in need of Light which is veiled from the Sun of Gnosis by the clouds of created things (Al-Athar)’ Written by Ibn Ata’Ulah in the Kitab Al Hikam. I loved every word he wrote…….x

  3. SEALED in conversion


    ‘You softly shook me, my new green jacket; just visible -
    I shook and then shook again; you gently freed me of my tiny winter shackles – they, old
    autumn leaves, loosened,
    lightly flew, in clump, small brown lumps,
    enriching the earth.

    You made my coat greener, lighter, enabling me to dance and sing,
    In that fresh evening Air; Wind blowing through me, I swayed,
    Thanking you, loving you,
    forever being, in My Life.”

    JC 2012 25.5.2012


  4. I like your website and other contents of yours. Often the brightest of stars are the unknown. Barak Allahu fikum.